Long Island Bikur Cholim

“King David praised the Jews who left Egypt, that even the one mitzvah that they had in their hand was more dear to Hashem than a 100 mitzvoth. And what was this mitzvah? That they gathered together in one band, and they made a covenant that they should do CHESED to each other.”
                                                                                                   (Tana Debei Eliyahu Rabbah , chapter 23)


‘Every Jew should imagine that the world is teetering on the scale between life and death. Doing just one mitzvah, by a single Jew, can tip the scale to the side of LIFE ‘

How Can I Help?

Volunteer today and bring a smile to the face of a community member. Contact one of LIBC’s captains who can give you more information


“Volunteering for LIBC has given me a great opportunity to give back to my community and instill within me a reverence of who we really are.” – LIBC volunteer


Please tell them, that I feel much better since they came.” 

We don’t realize what we can accomplish when we visit a sick person!



” There are not enough words to tell you how Michoel is enjoying his dinner. He is thin like a rail. Because of you and the volunteers Bh he will gain some weight.”

Who are we?

Long Island Bikur Cholim (“LIBC”) was started in 2013 by a group of caring individuals in the Great Neck area who saw the need to deliver services to community members who were staying in local hospitals, nursing homes or confined to their homes. Their needs ranged from medical care, emotional uplifting, home style food, social contact, cultural entertainment or just a friendly smile.
Today, LIBC’s volunteers visit patients, whether they are in a nursing home, hospital or just in the confines of their own home.

What do we want to do?

LIBC wants to expand and have a strong presence in our area hospitals and nursing homes to make sure that the needs of our community members are met.
LIBC wants to expand its activities. Unfortunately, there are many seniors who are not able to see their family members on a frequent basis and we want to fill that void.
LIBC wants to ensure that patients are being treated fairly as respected citizens of our community throughout their entire lives.
LIBC wants to make sure that patients are afforded the basic social care a person is entitled to by providing moral support and emotional care.

Rabbi Mosheh Chaim Lutzato

 In his sefer Klach Pitchei Chochmah writes that the whole purpose of creation was to serve as a way to “allow ” HaShem to do acts of kindness . Let’s emulate His ways and do kindness to each other

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

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